The reason for the unsuccessful launch of the Electron rocket was announced

Rocket Lab discovered that the Electron rocket failed to launch due to an “abnormal electrical connection” that caused the engine to shut down.

On July 4, Rocket Lab once again launched its potentially reusable Electron media. The rocket was to launch a number of satellites into orbit, including Canon’s CE-SAT-1B. During the second stage operation, a breakdown occurred, which led to the loss of the carrier.

Rocket Lab investigated and found that one electrical connection was the cause of the failure. This breakdown caused a loss of power in many systems, including electric turbopumps. “The engine shut down due to insufficient power supply to the electric pumps,” said Peter Beck, the company’s chief executive.

Beck said these kinds of problems could be addressed with the introduction of new pre-flight tests. Rocket Lab has a lot of time: the next rocket launch, according to plans, will take place in the third quarter of 2020. It will be conducted from the LC-2 launch complex located in the USA.