The Queen had to make excuses for the race scandal at Buckingham Palace

This morning in the UK did not start with tea. The royal family was once again at the center of a scandal, and what a scandal! But this time, it’s not about the new revelations of Prince Harry or his wife. The Guardian journalists did a good job of digging through the archives and found evidence that English monarchs did not hire dark-skinned people.

In documents dating from the 60s of the twentieth century, which all this time were kept in the National Archives, it is said that Buckingham Palace prohibited the recruitment of “colored immigrants, foreigners and other representatives of ethnic minorities,” the publication quotes the records.

After such an “information bomb” at Buckingham Palace, they had to make excuses. The representative of the royal family, of course, rejected the accusations of racism and hinted to reporters that they should not rely on sources of information half a century ago, because they do not reflect the current state of affairs, according to Nzherald.

However, it remains to be seen whether racial segregation applies to employment at the royal palace today, as the hiring clauses may still be enforceable. The representative of the British Crown did not answer this question directly, only noting that records of race in the palace had not been kept for a long time.

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