The prototype of the new wireless charging Apple AirPower Mini showed in the video

Apple has been trying to release the AirPower wireless charging station for a long time and without success. It seems that it did not grow together with her, and now the company is preparing a mini-version of charging.

A video has appeared on the network, which, according to the author, shows a prototype of a wireless charger. It is called the Apple AirPower Mini, but the exact name is still unknown. Only if Apple AirPower was supposed to simultaneously charge three devices at once (for example, a smartphone, watch, and headphones), then its mini-version is designed for only one gadget.

By the way, at the beginning of the year, well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple was working on a smaller model of the AirPower charger. It looks like she’s in the video.

The device is small and has a round shape. Earlier, there were rumors that the new iPhone 12 will have an internal magnetic ring on the back of the device, to which other gadgets and wireless charging, in particular, will be attached. The charging size is exactly the same as the size of this ring.

It is possible that Apple AirPower Mini will be presented along with the iPhone 12, which is expected to debut in October.

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