The prototype of the Chinese passenger aircraft MA700 entered static tests

AVIC Delivers First Prototype MA700 to CFTE Test Center If everything goes as planned by the aircraft manufacturers of the Celestial Empire, then the new machine can perform its first flight in 2022. reports on the delivery of tests of the first prototype MA700 aircraft to the CFTE State Center. This event marks the start of one of the key stages of the MA700 test, in which developers will receive important information about the new machine.

During the tests, verify the compliance of the real design parameters of the winged machine with the calculated indicators. This, among other things, will make it possible to better assess the flight safety of the MA700.

Plane presentation MA700

Recall, the development of a new turboprop aircraft by the Chinese authorities officially approved seven years ago. The aircraft should have a maximum flight range of approximately 1.7 thousand kilometers, the maximum speed will be 630 kilometers per hour. Passenger capacity MA700 – 70 people. At the heart of the power plant are two PW150C engines.

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