The Prosecutor’s office requested data on Trump’s payments to his daughter for consultations

In New York, the Prosecutor’s office requested documents about the write-off of taxes on US President Donald Trump’s payments to his daughter Ivanka for consulting services, the New York Times reports.

In total, as the publication notes, such consulting payments that were not subject to taxation, Trump sent to various individuals for about $ 26 million. The documents were requested as part of an investigation into tax evasion by the US President.

According to the newspaper, in New York, criminal and civil investigations of Trump’s tax evasion are underway, during which the investigators of both cases independently became interested in the President’s payments for consulting services, some of which were sent to his daughter, among others. In 2017, Ivanka received more than 747 thousand dollars, which coincides with the amount of alleged consulting payments that were deducted from the taxes of the American President Trump Organization.

Presumably, Ivanka Trump herself or other US President children are not currently the subject of investigations.

Trump’s daughter criticized the New York Times report and called the Prosecutor’s office’s review politically motivated.

“This is pure bullying. This “investigation” by Democrats in New York is 100% motivated by politics, public attention, and rage. They know there’s nothing there,” she wrote on Twitter.

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