The programmer introduced a prototype service for copying real objects in Photoshop

French developer and designer Cyril Dianier introduced a prototype application AR Cut & Paste, with which you can copy real objects and paste their images into Adobe Photoshop using artificial intelligence systems and augmented reality. The code and description of AR Cut & Paste are published on the GitHub.

The AR Cut & Paste service allows you to photograph an object on a smartphone, and then transfer it without a background to a computer screen with an open graphic editor, while the angle of the captured object is saved.

The application uses the BASNet machine learning library to recognize the object and remove the background. The OpenCV SIFT algorithm allows for inserting an object to determine the points on the computer screen that the camera is aimed at.

At the same time, the developer has not yet specified whether this service will appear on a wide market. The description of the service on GitHub says that despite the fact that AR Cut & Paste can only transfer data to Photoshop now, in the future the developer will expand the number of services the application can work with.

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