The producer of “National Treasure” with Nicolas Cage explained why the third part did not come out

The films “National Treasure” in 2004 and “National Treasure: A Book of Secrets” in 2007 were very successful at the box office around the world. It seemed obvious that a third part was about to appear, but it never came out. Film producer Jason Reid recently explained why Disney refused to launch a sequel to commercially successful films. This project did not fit into the concept of the studio for the development of franchises, unlike, for example, the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” or “Star Wars”.

I struggled to get National Treasure 3. I love these films, I worked with them from the very beginning. These films were hugely successful, they had a strong fan base, they were the films that are remembered all the time. But the studio didn’t see how to turn them into a franchise. After all, this was not a franchise, but a sequel movie, and National Treasure 3 would be another sequel.

They never figured out how to integrate this with Disneyland. Although there were many consumer goods, there were still not many. And it makes the box office numbers look different. It is difficult to get Disney to invest in something when the company itself is more interested in building Toy Story or buying a cruise ship. Now, if Disney themselves were interested in the continuation and thought they could make good money on it, we would have made a deal.

At the beginning of 2020, the third film and series for the sweat service were announced, however, amid the coronavirus pandemic, the fate of the projects remains unknown.