The proceedings on the impeachment: a new stage

Senators ask questions of defense and prosecution representatives.

In the Senate impeachment trial against President Donald Trump, a new phase begins on Wednesday, which can last up to two days: senators will ask questions to representatives of the defense and prosecution.

Republican and Democratic senators will take turns asking questions. Questions will be submitted in writing and read out by Supreme Court justice John Roberts, who directs the process.
Questions can take up to eight hours on Wednesday and Thursday. There are no restrictions on the duration of responses.

After that, a vote will be held on whether to call witnesses, including former national security adviser John Bolton. Republicans refuse to bring in new witnesses and hope to exonerate trump as soon as possible.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that he doesn’t have enough votes to prevent Democrats from calling witnesses, as some Republicans still haven’t worked out a clear position on the issue. To call witnesses, Democrats need the support of at least four Republicans.

After Thursday’s hearing, Republican senators held a closed-door meeting to discuss the issue of witnesses, but later said they had not reached a specific decision.

Trump urged the Republicans to resist strongly the call of witnesses, writing on Twitter: “Don’t let the Democrats fool you around your finger!”

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