The Prime Minister of France refused to cancel the tax

The tax on greenhouse gas emissions, leading to higher prices for motor fuel, will not be abolished in France. This was stated on Sunday by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, speaking on TV channel France-2 with an assessment of what is happening in the country. On Saturday and Sunday, the country held mass protests against the increase in prices for gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as against the increase in the tax burden.

“The tax on greenhouse gas emissions will be preserved,” the Minister assured. “Our course to protect the environment is correct, and we will maintain it.” At the same time, he admitted that the protests in the country cannot be ignored and they have many features.

“Watching TV reports on Saturday, I was struck by the unusual nature of these actions [to block roads]. Many French participated in demonstrations for the first time in their lives. Another unusual factor was that the movement had no obvious leader.

“It is obvious that the authorities of the country for a long time did not give a proper response to the concerns of the population. People have a feeling that they are abandoned to their fate, go down the social ladder. This is what the part of the population that has come to the demonstrations feels. I listen to their opinion, ” Philip assured.

He also confirmed the earlier promise of President Emmanuel Macron “to reduce taxes for the population by the end of the five-year period in power. “This process has already begun this year, “he assured, admitting, however, that perhaps the population did not feel it.”

Authorities ‘ concerns

The Prime Minister stressed that he is concerned about what is happening, as ” places of demonstrations took an extremely violent form.” Freedom of expression was guaranteed in the country, but anarchy should not exist in France. We were witnesses of anarchy on Saturday, ” Filip said.

As previously reported by interior Minister Christoph Castaner, in the East of the country under the wheels of a car killed 63-year-old woman. There were cases of many fights drivers trying to pass them demonstrators. In a number of incidents in the course went cold weapon.

On Saturday in 2034 promotions participated 287,7 thousand. At the same time, 409 French were injured, 14 of them are in serious condition. Among the police, gendarmes and the fire and rescue service, 28 people were injured, and some were seriously injured. In total, 282 people were detained

On Sunday, the intensity of protests decreased slightly. According to the interior Ministry, more than 150 actions were held to block roads, access roads to gas stations and supermarkets. In some places, the police had to use tear gas extensively to disperse the demonstrators.

On Monday night, a number of demonstrations continue in different parts of the country. Their participants argue that they intend to resume the action with renewed vigor next weekend.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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