The President’s doctor announced the completion of Trump’s treatment for coronavirus

The President may return to public events as early as Saturday.

Sean Conley, the US President’s personal physician, said that Donald Trump had completed coronavirus treatment, his condition remains stable, and that the head of state may return to public events as early as Saturday.

Conley’s letter, which the White House released on Thursday night, said Trump responded very well to the treatment without suffering any side effects.

Trump was hospitalized last Friday after testing positive for COVID-19. The President returned to the White House on Monday.

“After returning home, his physical condition remained stable, and there were no signs of disease progression. Saturday will be the tenth day since the diagnosis was made on Thursday. I expect that the President will be able to return to public speaking at this time safely,” Conley said in the letter.

According to Reuters, Trump, who is now in isolation in the White House due to illness, said earlier on Thursday that he did not think he was contagious and was feeling well enough to resume campaign meetings with voters.