The President of Poland Andrzej Duda resigns

The ruling Law and Justice party in Poland is seriously considering the possibility of resigning the country’s current President, Andrzej Duda. This is today, May 4, the portal reports Free News with a link to three independent sources at once. This smart move will allow the Polish leadership to avoid the problems associated with the dubious vote on May 10, 2020.

According to an insider, this plan is called the “atomic option” in the ruling party. Law and justice considered it the most extreme solution, but it is likely to be implemented. According to party lawyers, the resignation of the current President will help solve many problems related to the vote scheduled for May 10. Recall that in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, Poland decided to hold presidential elections in a very original way: by receiving the ballot by ordinary mail and sending the document to the territorial election commissions accordingly.

In the middle of this week, the Senate must decide on absentee voting in the presidential elections. Numerous leaks to the media show that senators will rule out the possibility of holding elections next Sunday.

“With this approach, another problem arises — if the elections are not held on May 10 or are not postponed to the next Sunday of this month, which also causes a lot of legal disputes, who will take office at the end of Andrzej Duda’s term? The Constitution of Poland does not answer as to who replaces the head of state when elections are not held within the established time frame. There is an option when a state of emergency is imposed, but this, in turn, means that various companies can easily claim damages, which will significantly burden the state budget.”

Therefore, according to the publication’s interlocutors, Duda’s resignation will be the most convenient solution. Thanks to the President’s voluntary resignation, the current speaker of the Seym, Elzbieta Vitek, will automatically become the head of state. It is she who will legally announce a new election date at any time, but no later than mid-July 2020. Thus, the election of a new President, including the current head of Duda, will take place in August 2020.

Colossal reminds us that, in addition to the current President of Poland Andrzej Duda, in elections will take part five politicians.

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