The President and first lady of the United States congratulated the Americans with Christmas

Donald Trump in his congratulation noted that this time demonstrates “the best side of the American spirit”.

The Us President Donald Trump and his wife Melania congratulated Americans on Christmas, which is celebrated on Tuesday by Catholics and Protestants. A video of their appeal was published on the official page of the White House on Twitter.

“Melania and I are deeply excited to wish all Americans a merry Christmas,” Trump said. “At this time of year Christians celebrate the Christmas of Jesus Christ,” the American President continued. – This magical time shows the best side of the American spirit. We see how neighbors help their neighbors, and how communities provide assistance to those who need help,” he continued.

“We see citizens laying wreaths at the graves of fallen heroes,” Trump added. – We see how children bring joy to our elderly citizens. We see Americans of all ages caring for people in need. We reflect on the magnificence of God’s creation and the sacred bonds that connect us.”

“This Christmas we welcome the brave men and women who serve our country abroad, we send our love to the families of the military, whose victims help to preserve the freedom of our country, we thank the law enforcement officers guarding our communities. We pray for the future world peace,” Melania Trump said in her turn.

Author: Flyn Braun
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