The President and first lady attended the Christmas service

Donald and Melania Trump attended a celebratory service at the Family Church in West Palm Beach, where the President’s family is spending Christmas.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump attended a Christmas Church service at the Family Church in West Palm beach, Florida.

Pastor Jimmy Scroggins and his family greeted the President and first lady as they arrived for a candlelit Christmas service. The parishioners present at the Church greeted the first couple with applause and cheers.

Brief sermons and Bible readings at the Church, which is part of the Southern Baptist Convention, alternated with traditional Christmas carols using theatrical special effects-artificial smoke and snow.

In the past, the Trump couple used to attend a Christmas service at the Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, where Donald and Melania Trump married in 2005.

On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump took part in a video conference, during which the President congratulated the American military on the coming Christmas. The President was asked what kind of Christmas present he was going to give the first lady in honor of the holiday. Trump said he would give his wife a “beautiful card,” admitting that he was “still thinking about a Christmas present.”

“You made me think. I must urgently start working on it,” the President added.

On Tuesday night, the first lady was answering phone calls from children across the country as part of the North American Aerospace defense command (NORAD) “Track Santa” program. Spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said that Melania trump spoke with several children who told her about what they want to get as a gift for Christmas.

Grisham said the first lady “reminded the children to leave milk and cookies for Santa and wished each of the children and their families a merry Christmas.”

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