The player created a computer in Minecraft. You can play Doom on it

The player created a computer in Minecraft. You can play Doom on it. The author of the add-on writes that on Windows it may not work well, but on Linux, it does well. He spoke about this in his blog on Twitch.

The author of the add-on was a user of the Reddit portal under the nickname DeltaTwoForce. His unusual modification for the cult video game Minecraft has just appeared, but has already gathered a decent audience. In his blog under the post with instructions for additions, more than 40 comments with enthusiastic responses have already appeared.

Using the modification, you can create virtual computers that the user can use as real ones.

In a demo, DeltaTwoForce ordered parts for a computer from space, and then assembled it and installed Windows 98. In a virtual machine, he put in the Paint graphical editor, where he painted his face, and shot in another iconic Doom game.

Note that for the modification to work, you need to install the VirtualBox virtual machine. Then you need to craft a tablet and use it to order delivery of the computer. The mod allows you to run 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

Author: John Kessler
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