The place of Jennifer Aniston in “Friends” could be taken by the ex-wife of Ross Geller

Actress Jane Sibbett played Ross Geller’s ex-wife, Carol, on Friends. But in an interview she gave to the Australian news portal, the actress admitted that she was originally going to be given a different role:

I really could have gotten another character. The creators of the show wanted me to be one of the six central characters. I don’t usually think about it because there’s no one who could play this role as well as Jennifer Aniston.

When I was offered the role of Rachel, I asked my agents if they had informed the producers that I was pregnant. And they said, “Oh no, we thought we’d talk about this later.” I disagreed with them and made them not postpone this conversation until later. Judging by the fact that I was no longer offered this role, the producers did not like this situation. And I have no regrets, Jennifer Aniston played the role of Rachel perfectly.

If the producers were afraid that the pregnancy would prevent Jane Sibbett from playing on the show, then they were wrong. Two days after the birth of her son, Jane was already starring in Friends as Carol.

Earlier, Jane Krakowski and Courteney Cox have already admitted that they could get the role of Rachel.