The Perseverance rover took a ride on the surface of Mars

The device can travel up to 200 meters per day.

Two weeks after landing, NASA’s Perseverance rover made its first short trip on the surface of the Red Planet.

The vehicle, the size of a car, traveled 6.5 meters across the bottom of the Jezero crater, considered by scientists to be part of the ancient river system of Mars.

The rover, operated by scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California, first traveled 4 meters forward, turned about 150 degrees to the left, and then traveled back another 2.5 meters.

NASA has published a photo taken by the rover’s camera, which shows traces of wheel rims left on the reddish sandy Martian soil

You can make out the surrounding landscape in another image: rugged reddish terrain dotted with large dark boulders in the foreground and a high ledge of rocky rocks in the distance.

The rover can travel up to 200 meters a day. However, NASA scientists first intend to perform additional equipment calibration before the rover goes on a long journey

Recall that the purpose of the mission is to search for traces of ancient life on Mars.

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