The Pentagon’s chief doctor: the coronavirus will not go anywhere

At the same time, Lieutenant General Ronald Place suggested that there will come a time “when we will not talk about COVID-19 all the time.”

The Pentagon’s chief doctor warned Americans that the coronavirus would not go away despite an intensive campaign to combat the pandemic.

According to him, like other viruses, COVID-19 “will be part of our reality for a long time to come.”

Lieutenant General Ronald Place, head of the Pentagon’s Health Department, spoke at the Sea-Air-Space conference in National Harbor in Maryland.

Place said that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and other viruses like it are likely to persist in the environment and continue to mutate.

“We will have to deal with this,” he told the conference participants.

According to Reuters, the number of cases of coronavirus worldwide on Wednesday exceeded 200 million.

According to Place, the situation with the pandemic in the United States is now “normal, but not excellent.”

“I think many of us believe that COVID-19 will go away, but this is a misconception,” he said. – He will not go away, just like the flu does not go away. Many viruses tend to mutate and do things that support them.”

According to the general, people should feel at ease with the medical team of the Ministry of Defense, thanks to its thirst for curiosity. He noted that medical research is a continuous process of improvement.

In military-scientific terms, COVID-19 is a biological event, and the COVID-19 vaccine should be considered as a biological bulletproof vest, he said.

“Tens of thousands of Americans die from the flu every year, and while most of us in the armed forces are vaccinated, most Americans are not,” the general noted.

Several good vaccines were developed in the United States “not thanks to some magical thinking from manufacturers in the spring of 2020,” Place said.

“This work was based on many years, sometimes more than a decade of research on how to bring the vaccination methodology to a new level,” the general said.

According to him, huge progress has been made in the field of vaccines.

“I think that we will find ourselves in a situation where we will not talk about COVID-19 all the time,” Place said.

However, he warned that such peace of mind is unlikely to come this year.

“We will find ourselves in a situation where there will be another infectious disease that we will worry about or think about, just like the flu, measles, or tetanus, [when people will be vaccinated to protect themselves from diseases],” Place said.

“This will be part of our reality for a long time,” the general warned.

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