The Pentagon was alarmed by the pace of creating hypersonic weapons in Russia

The Pentagon announced the great difficulties experienced by the United States in the pursuit of Russia and China in the field of hypersonic weapons, writes the author of an article for the National Interest, Mark Episkopos.

The publication notes that there is no consensus among American analysts about the importance of hypersonic weapons for the state’s military power. At the same time, the United States increased the funds allocated for the development of this type of weapons against the background of the “increased potential” of Russia and China.

The author draws attention to the report of the Congressional Research Service, which states that Moscow and Beijing are betting on hyper sound with an emphasis on nuclear weapons, while the United States is planning the tactical use of projectiles, which requires greater accuracy and is more difficult to produce.

“The United States does not have systems that could put (China and Russia) in danger to the proper extent, and we do not have protection from (their) systems,” writes Episkopos.

In 2018, in a message to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin announced the appearance of hypersonic weapons in Russia – the Avangard and Dagger complexes. Later it became known about the development of a hypersonic cruise missile “Zircon.” In parallel, the Russian military is conducting several dozen hypersonic projects at once.

The United States has previously acknowledged lagging behind Russia in hypersonic weapons.

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