The Pentagon said that the US military is not going to leave Syria yet

According to Washington, the terrorist threat has not yet been eliminated, said the press secretary of the department, John Kirby.

The American contingent is still in Syria, because, according to Washington, the terrorist threat has not yet been eliminated. This was stated by Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby at a briefing for journalists. The transcript of the conversation was distributed by the press service of the department.

“Nothing has changed in our mission in Syria, which concerns operations to combat the Islamic State,” he said. “The American presence in Syria is small, with less than 1,000 troops.”

When asked whether the American contingent will remain until a full settlement in Syria, the spokesman claimed that the United States is on Syrian soil to counter the Islamic State. “They [the US military] are not involved in other, broader issues inside Syria related to the civil war. They are fighting ISIS, and it is up to the commander-in-chief to decide how long they will be there,” Kirby added.

According to a Pentagon official, the continued presence will be judged by the severity of the threat. “It still deserves our attention, [carrying out] those operations. I just can’t speculate about the future,” he said.” < … > It would be optimal if we had no one [in Syria] because there is no ISIS and there is no threat. But that’s not the case now.” Russia is pursuing two parallel tracks in Syria: helping the legitimate government to eliminate the remnants of terrorist elements and helping the Syrian parties to establish a political dialogue. The United States, unlike Russia, is in Syria without the invitation of the government of this country.

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