The Pentagon has joined the fight against coronavirus

The US Department of defense will help fight the spread of coronavirus in the country. The Pentagon said it will be able to place up to a thousand people who arrived from China in quarantine. Free News reported.

The American Ministry of Health sent the request for assistance in organizing the quarantine to the Pentagon. In total, up to 250 people are required to be placed in separate wards until February 29.

The Ministry of Defense will provide the necessary facilities, but the Ministry of Health will take over the transportation and care of the suspected carriers of the virus.
For quarantine, the military has two facilities in California and one each in the States of Colorado and Texas.

As of February 1, the eighth case of the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV, first reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan, was confirmed in the United States.

In the world, about 12 thousand people have been infected with the virus, of which only more than 100 patients outside of China. The victims of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus were 259 people.

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