The Pentagon has accused Russia and China of rewriting the world order

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper accused Russia and China of trying to “rewrite the world order” and called them “revisionist states.” He said this during a speech at Johns Hopkins University.

According to the Minister, “both countries violate the sovereignty of neighboring countries” to gain strategic advantages. Russia, according to Esper, uses “hybrid warfare tactics” to expand its regional influence, as well as conducting cyber operations.

China, the US Defense Minister said, continues to commit intellectual property theft, as well as trying to control economic decisions and security issues of other countries through the “one belt, one road” initiative.

In September, Esper already accused Russia and China of trying to undermine the established world order. “We cannot stand idly by while authoritarian States try to remake the world order in terms of security for themselves, at the expense of others,” Esper said. He also stressed the need to focus on competing with Russia and China in military developments, particularly hypersonic weapons.

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