The Pentagon decided to promote the creation of hypersonic weapons in Australia

The US and Australia are engaged in a dialogue on the possibility of creating an Australian hypersonic weapon, said US defense Minister Mark Esper.

“We discussed a vast range of issues regarding the potential of the United States and the potential of Australia. And our desire to promote it (the potential of Australia), whether in the field of hypersonic weapons or any other types of means,” Free News quotes the head of the Pentagon.

He explained that the US “curbs bad behavior” in the Indian and Pacific regions and protects the international order, and noted that this phrase refers to China.

Earlier, the US President’s special representative for arms control, Marshall Billingslea, said that the United States is going to target its hypersonic weapons primarily in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Pentagon also confirmed that during the tests, the speed of the new hypersonic missile, which was described by US President Donald Trump, exceeded the speed of sound by 17 times.