The Pentagon announced the reduction of the US military presence in Iraq

US Central Command (CENTCOM) chief General Frank McKenzie on Wednesday announced a reduction in the military presence in Iraq by 2,200 troops, Fox News reported.

“This reduced presence allows us to continue to advise our Iraqi partners and help them root out the last remnants of IS in Iraq and ensure its lasting defeat,” McKenzie said.

He added that the reduction from 5,2 thousand troops to 3 thousand would be implemented in September.

Earlier, a senior US administration official said that President Donald Trump would announce a reduction in the military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to him, first, we should expect Trump to announce the further withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and in the coming days – the reduction of troops in Afghanistan.

Promises to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan launched by his predecessors were vital to Trump’s campaign plan.

Author: Steve Cowan
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