The Pentagon announced a new mission of a secret space drone

The X-37B will be launched into orbit from Cape Canaveral on May 16.

The Pentagon has announced that the high-tech space drone X-37B will again go into orbit this month with a sixth secret mission, according to US media. According to the air force, the device will be launched from the Cape Canaveral spaceport on May 16.

The drone will put a small research satellite, small FalconSat-8, into orbit. It will also be equipped with a service module for the first time, which will expand the research capabilities of the device. As reported, the goal of the mission is to maximize the capabilities of the invention.

The device, in particular, conducts experiments for NASA on the effects of radiation on seeds and other materials. Also, it is planned to do a test to convert solar energy into radio frequency microwave energy and study the possibilities of transmitting it to Earth.

The drone has already spent a total of 2,865 days in space, including 780 days in orbit during the last mission, which ended in October 2019.

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