The peak of the Geminid meteor shower can be seen on December 14

Astronomers said that the peak of the Geminid meteor shower will occur on the night of December 14th. In this case, the conditions for observing the phenomenon will be ideal.

Researchers explained that the most active period of the Geminid meteor shower will be on the night of December 14. At the same time, the conditions for observation from the territory of the country will be ideal due to the new moon.

The maximum Geminid flow in 2020 is predicted on December 14. Astronomical conditions for observation this year are ideal. The new moon falls on December 14, 19.20, which means that on the night of the maximum, the moon will not be in the sky at all, which means that there is no illumination of the sky.

astronomer Alexander Yakushechkin

Russians will be able to observe meteors from December 12 to 15, inclusive. However, they can only be seen if the weather is clear and there are no other obstacles, approximately from 23:00 until dawn. At the peak, it will be possible to see up to 120 meteors per hour, they will be visible from almost the entire territory of the country.

The researchers explained that the Geminids are one of the most powerful meteor showers. Throughout the history of observation, scientists have noticed up to 200 meteors per hour – this is twice more than other streams. For example, in a Perseid shower, only 100 meteors per hour can be seen.

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