The Paper House star Jaime Lorente breaks up with Maria Pedraza

The Spanish actors who played the roles in the series “The Paper House”, Jaime Lorente and Maria Pedraza have been dating for over two years. Recently, information about their separation appeared on the network.

There was a rumor in Spanish media of a celebrity altercation when they simultaneously unfollowed each other on Instagram. In addition, all joint photos and references to the past have disappeared from the official accounts of the stars.

By the way, 29-year-old Jaime and 24-year-old Maria began dating in 2018, when they played lovers in the popular Netflix series Elite. The project tells about the lives of students of a fictional elite high school. The stars later began working together again on The Paper House, which is currently one of Netflix’s most watched shows.

Over the past two years, many joint photos of Jaime and Maria have been published on the network. The latest of them were published in July 2020 on the island of Formentera (Spain), when the star couple spent time on a yacht with friends. The lovers had fun, swam and sunbathed. The witness took pictures when Maria applied sunscreen to the body of the chosen one.

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