The operator of “Nord stream-2” appealed the court’s decision on the EU Gas Directive

Nord Stream 2 AG has filed an appeal against the refusal of the EU court to consider the claim of the operator of the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline against the operation of the EU Gas Directive in relation to the pipeline, the press service of the operator reported.

“Nord Stream 2 AG does not share the court’s arguments regarding procedural issues and remains convinced that the amendments to the Gas Directive constitute illegal discrimination. In this regard, on July 28, 2020, “Nord Stream-2″ filed an appeal against the decision of the court of General jurisdiction of the EU to the European court of justice,” Free News reports.

Recall that in January, the Federal grid Agency of Germany accepted applications from Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG to withdraw the “Nord stream” and “Nord stream-2” gas pipelines from the EU Gas Directive. However, in May, the German regulator refused to withdraw “Nord stream-2” from the EU Gas Directive.

“Nord Stream-2,” in turn, announced that it would study the decision of the German regulator and possible measures to protect its rights. Later, the press service of the project operator Nord Stream 2 AG stated that the situation around the European Union Gas Directive would not affect the completion of the “Nord stream-2” project.