The oldest mining pool perpetuated a “bullish” newspaper headline in the bitcoin block

On December 3, the oldest mining pool SlushPool immortalized in block #659678 of the bitcoin network the headline of the Reuters article “Dollar falls amid expectations of US stimulus; Bitcoin reaches a new high.”

The article tells about the weakening of the US dollar against bitcoin’s background reaching a maximum above $19,900 on December 1.

The pool’s miners decided to “perpetuate” the bullish media headline about bitcoin.

This is a reference to the Genesis block of bitcoin signed by Satoshi Nakamoto. The first cryptocurrency Creator included the Times headline from January 3, 2009: “The Chancellor is ready to re-help the banks.”

Recall that in June 2020, one of the first cryptocurrency users added the message “Hello, Noah! Welcome to this world, baby” in one of the transactions, thus registering the birth of their first child.

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