The number of victims of COVID-19 in New York State for the day was 207 people

The number of victims of the coronavirus in New York State for the day was 207 people, according to data provided by the state’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

He noted that the total number of hospitalized people is decreasing, and fewer people are being connected to artificial ventilation devices. On Saturday, 521 people were hospitalized.

According to the Governor, the number of hospitalized per day in the state returned to the indicators that were observed approximately on March 20, when 489 people were admitted to hospitals during the day.

On the worst days, more than three thousand people a day were admitted to state hospitals.

“The number of victims is still appallingly high-207 (patients with coronavirus died on Saturday). But it’s better than it was,” Cuomo said.

He explained that now the number of deaths per day corresponds to the level that was observed on March 27. The worst recorded number of deaths in the state is more than 700 per day.

According to the data provided by Cuomo, 226 people died on May 8, 216 people died on May 7, and 231 people died on May 6. A total of 21,271 people have died in the state so far.

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