The number of victims of coronavirus in the world exceeded 1.5 million people

Anything in the world, the coronavirus has infected 64 918 435 people.

The number of victims of the new type of coronavirus in the world reached 1,501,076 people on Thursday. This is evidenced by the calculations of Johns Hopkins University, which keeps them based on information from Federal and local authorities.

According to him, a total of 64,918,435 people have been infected with the coronavirus worldwide. Recovered 41 691 311 people infected.

The highest number of victims – 274,648 people-was recorded in the United States, where the total number of infected reached 14,012,378. Brazil is in second place in terms of the number of victims (174,515 deaths, 6,436,650 cases of infection), and India is in third place (138,648 deaths and 9,534,964 cases of infection). Mexico follows this with 107,565 deaths, 1,133,613 infections, and the United Kingdom (60,210 deaths and 1,678,410 infected).

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