The number of victims of cold weather in the United States exceeded 20 people

Earlier it was reported about 12 dead.

Frosts combined with snowfalls led to the death of 21 people in the Midwest of the United States. On Friday reports Reuters.
Earlier it became known about the death of 12 people. According to the Agency, the death toll exceeded 20 after at least nine new cases were reported in Chicago.

According to the New York Times, among the dead in the cold four men who were found frozen near their homes in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. Six people were victims of weather-related accidents in Iowa. In the vicinity of Chicago (Illinois), the man died, accidentally falling under the dump snowplow, and in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), the woman froze in her apartment after a thermostat failure.

The lowest temperature on Thursday was registered in the town of International Falls (Minnesota)-minus 42.8 degrees. In Illinois, the thermometer dropped to minus 36 degrees (excluding wind). This figure is close to the record-minus 37 degrees, set in the winter of 1999.
American leader Donald Trump recommended the US residents stay at home due to adverse weather conditions.

Author: Flyn Braun
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