The number of people infected with coronavirus in the UK has doubled

The government received additional powers to place people in quarantine.

LONDON-British authorities said Monday that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection has doubled to eight. The government has declared the virus a serious immediate threat, giving itself additional powers to isolate suspected carriers of the infection.

Concerns about the coronavirus, which originated in China’s Wuhan in December, are caused by its rapid spread, as well as the fact that infectious disease experts do not yet know how deadly and contagious it is.

The virus has killed more than 900 people, mostly in China, and has spread to at least 27 countries and territories. Two cases of death of people outside mainland China are recorded in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

“Tests for the new coronavirus have tested positive in four more patients in England. Thus, the total number of cases of infection in the United Kingdom has reached eight,” – said the head of the medical service of England, Chris Whitty.

It is known that all new patients came into contact with a British patient in France who had previously been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. Health officials tracking possible cases identified them because of efforts.

Health Minister Matt Hancock declared the virus a “serious immediate threat to public health.” This step gives the government additional powers to place people in quarantine.

“We are strengthening regulations so that we can keep people in maintained isolation for their safety if health professionals decide they may pose a risk of transmitting the virus to other people,” a Ministry spokesman said.

Arrow Park Hospital near Liverpool in the North of England and the Kents Hill Park conference center in Milton Keynes have been designated as quarantine sites.

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