The number of people at the protests in Belarus will be counted using a chat bot

In Belarus, the number of people at protest rallies began to be counted using a special chatbot. To do this, each participant needs to send a special command to Viber or Telegram.

The independent platform “Golos” launched the project # I am yapping, its main goal is to count the real number of people who take part in protest actions throughout the country. In order for the participant to be counted, you need to register in the chatbot in Telegram or Viber. After entering the rally, you need to send the bot the command “I’m walking”.

The project began working on September 6 – the platform will conduct the first counting during the next protest action of citizens. The results will be published and updated on the project website in real-time. Now more than 1.2 million people are registered on the platform. The fact that they will go to the rally was reported by 126 thousand people.

Mass protests in Belarus with the arrest and beating of detainees, with the use of tear gas and stun grenades, began to take place immediately after the August 9 elections. The reason was the suspicion of massive falsification of the election results by Alexander Lukashenko.

In the first week of protests, authorities began blocking access to most of the sites and services that covered the elections. The disconnection of the Internet in Belarus, which the authorities went to “to prevent provocations,” resulted in the fact that people could not make online payments, most of their applications did not work, and some citizens could not reach their relatives.

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