The number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States exceeded a quarter of a million

Daily death rates set new sad records in some states.

Amid a new wave of coronavirus cases, the number of deaths from COVID-19 in the United States increased by another 50 thousand over the past 60 days. On Wednesday, it exceeded the mark of 250 thousand.

The milestone of a quarter of a million deaths confirmed by Johns Hopkins University exceeds the number of American deaths in any military conflict since the Korean War.

Once considered unthinkable, the figure comes after a series of alarming records across the country as the number of new cases and severe forms of the disease continues to skyrocket.

The number of hospitalizations of patients with coronavirus on Tuesday reached 76 thousand, which is the largest figure since the beginning of the pandemic. Also, about 160,000 more Americans tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday, and at least 1,707 more people died – the highest daily rate since May 14.

“We are at war, and the virus is winning,” said Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

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