The number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States exceeded 150 thousand

In the country, more than 750,000 tests are performed per day, and many infected people carry the disease asymptomatically or in a mild form.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States has exceeded 150,000, and the pandemic is spreading almost unchecked in almost every state in the country.

Six months after the virus was first detected on American soil, it became the third leading cause of death this year after heart disease and cancer. It has already killed more Americans than Union soldiers in the American Civil war.

Experts estimate that the death toll is likely to reach the grim 200,000 marks in less than two months.

There is little evidence that the epidemic is slowing down. The number of confirmed new cases in all but two days of July exceeded 50,000, and in seven of the last 10 days, it was more than 60,000.

The US conducts more than 750,000 tests a day, and many new cases are detected in people with little or no symptoms.

However, the virus continues to infect many who suffer much worse consequences. According to state health departments, more than 57,000 people are in hospitals. More than a thousand people have died in the last seven days.

In two-thirds of the states, the number of new cases has increased over the past week. In Florida, more than 73,000 new cases have been identified in the past seven days. In California, this figure was 67 thousand, and in Texas-more than 57 thousand.

Georgia, Arizona, Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, South Carolina, and Illinois have reported more than 10,000 cases in the past week.
In only one state, Arizona, the number of new cases declined for two weeks in a row.

The increase in cases is observed even in those States that were not affected by the worst manifestations of the crisis. Alaska reported 234 new cases on Sunday, although only a few dozen cases a day were reported in this state for a long time before that.

In Hawaii, 301 cases were registered last week – twice as many as the previous record. In States like Mississippi and Missouri, where the incidence was relatively low, there are now more than a thousand new cases a day.

Two-thirds of states now require residents to wear masks in public. In other states, dozens of cities and municipalities have introduced a mask regime. However, there is no national requirement to wear masks.

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