The number of COVID-19 cases in the world is close to 54 million

The Navajo Nation Native American territory is introducing a three-week lockdown.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus worldwide is close to 54 million, the Johns Hopkins University Resource center said on Sunday.

The leaders in the number of infected people are the United States, India, and Brazil. There are almost 11 million cases in the US, 8.8 million in India, and 5.8 million in Brazil.

On Sunday, India reported 41100 new cases of infection in the previous day.

The rising incidence in the United States has prompted Navajo Nation authorities to introduce a three-week lockdown starting Monday.

“Navajo Nation is experiencing an alarming increase in positive COVID-19 cases and uncontrolled spread in 34 Navajo Nation communities,” the territory’s Health Department said in a lockdown announcement.

“These hearths are a direct result of family gatherings and trips outside the reservation,” the statement said.

The Navajo Nation Health Department said Saturday that the number of infected people on the reservation had reached 13,249. About 600 people died.

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the world might be on the brink of a child mortality crisis as developing countries simultaneously struggle with the coronavirus and try to pay off Western and Chinese creditors.

Brown told the British Observer newspaper on the eve of the G20 meeting in Saudi Arabia. Members of the “twenty” might consider a temporary freeze of debt repayments by some countries for the pandemic period.

A new surge in the incidence is observed in Europe, where several countries have tightened restrictions due to COVID-19. On Saturday, Poland reported a record daily increase in deaths, about 550, bringing the total number of deaths in the country close to 10,000.

In Lebanon, a two-week lockdown began on Saturday to contain the spread of the virus. The incidence has increased dramatically in recent weeks, and dozens of people have died in the past few days. The curfew is in effect from dusk to dawn, and on Sundays, residents are not allowed to drive.

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