The number of COVID-19 antibodies decreases over time, German scientists found

Researchers in Germany came to the conclusion that over time, the number of antibodies in some patients with coronavirus decreases significantly. This indicates the possibility of re-infection of COVID-19, according to the ZDF channel, with reference to the chief physician of the Schwabing infectious diseases clinic in Munich, Clemens Wendtner.

German scientists have found that the number of antibodies that appear in the body of a person who has had coronavirus decreases with time. This may cast doubt on the long-term effectiveness of vaccinating people, they say.

Since February, one of the first coronavirus infected in the Federal Republic of Germany has been observed in a medical facility. Now it turned out that in four out of nine patients, the level of antibodies produced decreased over time.

So far, how this will affect long-term immunity and the vaccine development strategy can only be speculated. However, the further development of events should be observed very carefully. It cannot be ruled out that some people may become infected with the coronavirus again.

Clemens Wendtner, representative of the Schwabing Clinic.

The clinic said that it is too early to draw conclusions about the long-term immunity from COVID-19 and about the choice of a strategy for creating a vaccine.

Scientists from King’s College London came to a similar conclusion. A published study confirms that the number of antibodies to coronavirus decreases within a few months after the illness. Researchers observed more than 90 patients and concluded that the maximum number of antibodies appears in the body three weeks after symptoms are detected. After that, their number begins to fall rapidly.

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