The number of coronavirus victims in New York State has increased by 306 people

The number of deaths from coronavirus over the past day in New York State was 306 people, Governor Andrew Cuomo said at a press conference.

New York State is at the center of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States.

“The number of hospitalized people is decreasing, the number of cases of connection to a ventilator is decreasing, the number of newly detected cases of coronavirus has slightly decreased – 933 (the previous day the figure was 970),” Cuomo said.

“The number of lives lost is still appalling-306,” the Governor said.

According to the data he cited, the number of deaths is gradually decreasing every day. In particular, 330 people died on April 28, 335, on April 27, 337, on April 26, 367, on April 25, and 437, on April 24.

On the worst days, the number of people dying from the virus exceeded 700 per day.

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