The number of coronavirus victims in Italy increased by 250 people in a day

ROME – The total number of cases of coronavirus infection in Italy for a day increased by almost 2.5 thousand, the victims were more than 250, said the head of the civil defense service of Italy, Angelo Borrelli.

“We start with those who have recovered: today there are 181 cases, their number has reached 1439. We also recorded 250 fatalities,” Borrelli said at an evening briefing. Thus, the number of victims in Italy is 1266.

According to him, the total number of cases of infection, including those who died and recovered, exceeded 17.6 thousand. The day before, the same figure was 15.1 thousand infected people.

The increase in victims the day before was almost 190 cases.

Speaking about fatalities, Borrelli stressed that these are people who “died with the coronavirus, not because of it.”

According to statistics, almost 150 fatal cases per day occur in the region of Lombardy.

The number of tests for coronavirus has also increased, from 86,000 to 97,000. The number of patients who are in intensive care units has increased by a hundred, from 1,153 to 1,328.

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