The number of coronavirus infections in the world has exceeded 16 million

The number of people in the world who were found infected with coronavirus exceeded 16 million, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Just tested positive for COVID-19 passed 16 046 986 people. Of these, 4.17 million are in the United States, another 2.39 million are infected in Brazil, and 1.38 million in India. Russia occupies the fourth place in the number of infected people, 806.7 thousand patients were detected in the country (data from the operational headquarters on the morning of July 25), and South Africa is in fifth place with 434.2 thousand infections. The coronavirus was detected in 188 countries or territories.

Also, the number of deaths after COVID-19 in the world reached 644,528. Most deaths were recorded in the United States (146,4 thousand), Brazil (86,4 thousand), great Britain (45,8 thousand), Mexico (42,6 thousand), and Italy (35,1 thousand).

Also, 9.26 million people were cured of coronavirus infection.

On the eve of the World Health Organization (WHO) registered another record daily increase in infections in the world. According to the organization, the infection was confirmed in more than 284 thousand people during the day. The previous record was recorded on July 18, before that-on July 17.