The number of cases of coronavirus infection in the world has exceeded 3 million

In the meantime, some countries are gradually easing their quarantine measures.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the world exceeded 3 million, and in the United States approached one million, reports Reuters.

Meanwhile, many countries have begun easing restrictions imposed to halt the spread of the disease.

Over the past week, an average of 82,000 infections was reported per day, about a third of them in the United States, and about 43 percent in Europe.

The number of deaths exceeded 205,000. A fatal outcome is observed in about one in 15 cases.

The actual mortality rate of the disease may be much lower because the statistics do not take into account many people who have suffered from the disease in a mild form or without symptoms.
In some of the most affected countries in Europe, including Italy, France, and Spain, the number of new cases has been falling in recent weeks but has reached 2-5 thousand a day over the past week.

In the US, an average of 30,000 new cases was registered over the past week. The country now accounts for about a third of all new cases in the world.

In Italy, some factories will be able to resume work from May 4, and Spain eased the quarantine on Sunday, allowing children to walk on the street.

Some US states have allowed companies to resume work amid a sharp rise in the unemployment rate, which could reach 15 percent in April.

In Asia, which accounts for less than 7 percent of all cases, some countries are failing to contain the spread of the virus. For example, in Japan and Singapore, the number of infections increased in April, although they had previously managed to slow the spread of the disease.

In other countries, the efforts were more effective: for example, in South Korea, there were only about ten new cases last week.

In China, only three new cases were recorded on Sunday, and in the city of Wuhan, where the epidemic began, all patients with the coronavirus were discharged.

The number of cases is growing faster than the global average in Latin America and Africa. In Mexico, it increased by 7-10 percent over the past week, reaching 13,800, and in Brazil on Sunday, the number of infected people exceeded 60,000.

More than 40 percent of the 32,600 cases reported in Africa are in the Northern part of the continent. Acute outbreaks have been reported in Morocco, Egypt, and Algeria.

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