The number of cases of coronavirus infection in Spain increased by 315 per day

At least 904 cases of infection with the new coronavirus have been recorded in Spain since the beginning of the spread of the infection in the country. This was reported to journalists on Monday by the Director of the center for coordination and emergencies in the field of health at the Ministry of the health of the Kingdom, Fernando Simon.

The first case of infection was recorded on January 31, and the number of cases began to rise sharply after the detection of a local outbreak in Italy. According to local media, at least 25 of those infected died. “As of today, we have detected 904 cases,” Simon said. On Sunday afternoon, the Ministry of health informed about 589 cases.

The most infected people were registered in the Autonomous community of Madrid. The number of cases of infection per day doubled there and reached 436. This was reported on Monday by the newspaper El País.

In addition, 16 people died in Madrid from the coronavirus. On Sunday, the regional authorities reported 202 infected and 8 dead.

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