The Norwegian company refused to certify “Nord Stream-2”

The Norwegian company Det Norske Veritas (DNV) GL refused to certify the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline due to US sanctions.

“DNV GL will stop all activities to verify the “Nord stream-2″ pipeline system in accordance with the sanctions and as long as these sanctions remain in force. We are implementing a plan to curtail our support for the project,” Free News quotes an excerpt from the company’s statement.

It is noted that DNV GL is a partner of Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2. The company has certified the first project annually since 2012. This verification procedure is aimed at minimizing risks to people’s lives, property, and the environment.

Inspection of the pipeline is mandatory on its Danish section, the construction of which has not yet begun and is scheduled for mid-January 2021.

Earlier, the Danish Energy Agency reported that any third party capable of issuing a legitimate certificate of conformity could be engaged in the site’s certification.

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