The Nimitz aircraft carrier will remain in the Persian Gulf

The Pentagon’s acting head explained his order with threats against Trump and the US authorities, which were “expressed by Iranian leaders.”

The US aircraft carrier Nimitz will remain in the Persian Gulf because of “recent threats” from Iran, the Pentagon said.

Acting US Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller said he had ordered Nimitz to “cease normal redeployment” in response to threats that he said were “made by Iranian leaders against President Donald Trump and other US government officials.”

A day earlier, the New York Times reported that the Nimitz, which has been patrolling the Persian Gulf waters since late November, is returning home.

US officials cited by the New York Times said the move was part of a “de-escalation” signal addressed to Tehran to avoid conflict in the Trump presidency’s final days.

However, Miller made it clear that the ship would remain in the Persian Gulf.

“Nimitz will remain in its positions in the Central Command area of operations. No one should doubt the determination of the United States of America,” he said.

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