The next UFC tournament will be held at its own arena in Las Vegas

UFC held three tournaments in one week in Jacksonville, Florida, with great success. After such a series, the promotion took a week-long break, but recently UFC President Dana White confirmed that the show would return to Vegas on May 30, and it will take place at the organization’s home arena.

Despite offers from the States of Florida and Arizona, the President insisted on returning to Las Vegas, Nevada, and for a good reason.

The tournament, which will be led by Gilbert Burns and Tyron Woodley, will be held at the UFC Apex arena. It was opened in 2019 and became the pride of Dana white. There, he premiered the third season of the contenders’ series.

This modern venue has cost the organization more than $ 100 million, and White said last month that he wants to hold a full-fledged tournament there during the pandemic.

The Nevada state athletic Commission does not yet allow sporting events but is working to ease restrictions. It looks like Dana White and the UFC will again be trailblazers, and this time will hold a historical event in Las Vegas.