The new system gives the essence of long videos and texts to users

Scientists have made a system that analyzes a long text or video and gives its main idea: as a result, the user receives a short version of the uploaded file.

The system was presented at the 20.35 Archipelago project and educational intensive course taking place in Russia.

One of the youngest teams at the Archipelago 20.35 intensive creates a project to save time in an era of high information workload – Your Personal Assistant. A system based on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies identifies keywords that carry the main meaning in texts and videos, and then generates short versions of the materials. The developers have already created a prototype of the system and are conducting tests

NTI platform representatives

The authors of the work are schoolchildren from 11 to 14 years old. Their invention can analyze the keywords in the material for which the rating of semantic value is compiled, after which the context of the main keywords is isolated and the text is formed.

The user can customize the volume of the result given for himself: the shortest version of the presentation will simply give you keywords. The result can also be heard using a speech synthesizer. In order to use the program, you just need to insert a link to the material in a special window and wait until the end of processing.

The inventors hope to receive grant support to create an enhanced version of the system that will save time in other tasks related to the processing of text and audiovisual content.

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