The new robot dog behaves like a dog

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He moves fast, obeys commands and leaves no nasty surprises on the floor – meet the new robot dog AlphaDog from China.

The high-tech dog uses sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to “hear” and “see” its environment, and can even be walked. “It really looks a lot like a real dog,” Ma Jie, CTO of Weilan, the company behind the product, told AFP.

Unlike the Spot, a four-legged vehicle designed for industrial use by Boston Dynamics, Nanjing-based AlphaDog is targeting the consumer market.

With four metal legs, it is more stable than a real dog, the engineers note. In addition, it can predict the friction and height of the ground in order to adjust its height, adjust the cadence and adapt to the environment.

Its creators use 5G technology to operate the robot autonomously.

CTO Weilan studied Reinforcement Learning at Oxford University and speaks and used this knowledge to create AlphaDog. This is how the AI ​​robotic dog learned to imitate dog habits.

Author: John Kessler
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