The new robot allows you to treat patients with coronavirus remotely

The new robot allows you to treat patients with coronavirus remotely. While it is used only for interviewing patients, but soon the device will receive and analyze vital indicators of a person.

The four-legged Spot robot was tested at the Boston hospital – this is one way of treating some patients with COVID-19. On April 26, the hospital began using the device to interview patients suspected of coronavirus. Researchers are confident that this will reduce the number of infections in the United States.

Spot was developed by Boston Dynamics, soon the researchers realized that it was perfect for medical purposes. The design of the robot, which is based on four legs, helps him navigate the terrain where other devices are difficult to work with. The developers complemented it – installed a tablet and two-way radio on the robot.

“The advantage of this robot is that it can easily move in spaces where robots on wheels or drones cannot pass”, the researchers noted. Although Spot was not developed for medical purposes, the company notes that it immediately realized that this device could “minimize contact between staff and patients”.

So far, Spot has mainly been used to interview patients. In the future, researchers want him to take and analyze vital signs of coronavirus patients. According to them, this could happen this week.