The new implant speeds up bone healing and dissolves in the body

Scientists have presented a new implant that works autonomously, helps the bone to heal, and then dissolves in the body on its own.

Researchers already knew that electricity accelerates bone healing. But the so-called method of “stitching” fractures has not become widespread. The main problem is that it requires surgical implantation and removal of electrodes powered by an external source.

The latest invention by scientists at the University of Wisconsin at Madison is an update to the concept of electrical stimulation. In their case, it is an implant that works autonomously, and after the function is completed, it dissolves in the body. The device will make electrical stimulation a more convenient method to accelerate bone healing.

Bone is a piezoelectric material, meaning it generates a tiny charge of electricity when energized. These discharges of electricity stimulate factors that promote bone growth and healing, so electrostimulation is an effective treatment.

Although external stimulants exist that create an electrical field to indirectly accelerate healing, bone stimulation is the ideal solution. However, the placement of the device requires a unique environment.

“Our version is ideal – it is a self-generating device, which did not exist before,” the scientists note.

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