The new AR-tool allows you to see dinosaurs in the world

Google introduced a search function with augmented reality, which will allow you to see dinosaurs in the surrounding world. It automatically scales and places even huge dinosaurs in the environment.

Google has added ten dinosaurs to its augmented reality platform. Next time, when users search for information about them, the search engine will offer to “look at them in real life”. After that, the device will “transfer” to the user a 3D model of the animal using AR.

The innovation was introduced back in February 2018: then Google began to add animal models and later introduced a feature that allows you to see cats, scorpions, bears, and tigers in detail. Now users will be able to see dinosaurs, for their drawing they used graphics designed for mobile games.

A complete list of dinosaurs includes a tyrannosaurus, velociraptor, triceratops, spinosaurus, stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, ankylosaurus, dilophosaurus, pteranodon, and parasaurolophus. Researchers note that placing a huge dinosaur will turn out even in a small room – the animals will automatically scale in accordance with the environment.

Not every phone or tablet supports a new feature due to hardware limitations. If you use Android, then you will need a device that supports ARCore, and if iOS, then iPhone with iOS 11 and above. Users can find dinosaurs through the Google app, search in the Chrome browser, or through any Android browser.